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Alpha Systems' 14x22 injection molded inner and outerdome skylights utilize the latest in technology to better meet customer needs. These durable, high-impact polypropylene skylights are available in multiple colors and are designed to match your RV's color scheme. Alpha's skylights are the only domes in the industry that are injection molded, making them the highest-quality skylights on the market today!

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The energy efficient design of Alpha's skylight keeps the air inside while allowing for lighter, brighter interior spaces. The pre-drilled holes make for fast and easy installation. The Alpha skylight features an extremely straight, flat and thick flange which prevents any bowing during installation. These skylights in combination with Alpha's SuperFlex roofing membrane, butyl tapes and sealants virtually eliminates the chance of moisture entering a unit; delivering a complete roofing package.

Alpha's skylight features & benefits include:
• 3 Color Options!
• 5x Thicker Flange Than Industry Standard!
• Injection Molded For High-Quality And Durability!
• Straight And Flat Flange To Reduce Bowing!
• Pre-drilled Holes For Easy Installation!

Specs & Availability


Width Length Colors
Innerdome 14" 22" White, Bronze, Clear
Outerdome 14" 22" White, Bronze, Clear


Installation & Resources

Technical Data

Tech Data:


Question: What are the skylights made of?

Answer: Alpha Systems manufactures both inner and outer dome skylights in both polyethylene and poly-carbonate resins. Polyethylene is a common plastic resin. Polycarbonate resin is very durable and preferred for outer dome skylights that need to last the lifetime of the recreational vehicle or cargo trailer. Poly-carbonate is strong as steel and as clear as glass.

Question: What sizes of skylights does Alpha Systems offer?

Answer: Alpha Systems offers inner and outer domes to fit a standard 14” x 22” opening.

Question: What are the benefits of Alpha Systems’ skylights?

Answer: Alpha Systems’ skylights are made from injection molding, so they are 20% thicker than the rest of the competition skylights, which are vacuum-formed. The skylight nailing flange is 20% thicker than any other competitor skylight. This additional thickness from the injection molded process ensures a flat, properly seated nailing flange, keeping water outside of your RV or cargo trailer. The competition has a wavy, leak-prone nailing flange comprised of flimsy, thin, vacuum-formed plastic.

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