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Alpha Systems’ polypropylene exterior shutters are manufactured in the USA and help bring style, charm and value to the exterior of your home. The Alpha shutter product line is available in a wide variety of colors and styles, all backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Pair these shutters with our siding accessory line for a stylish and finished look with enhanced quality and durability.

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Question: Are the Alpha shutters functional?

Answer: No, our shutters are strictly for decorative use.

Question: What are your shutters made out of?

Answer: Our shutters are made of a plastic polypropylene that has the appearance of woodgrain texture.

Question: Is the Alpha shutter paintable?

Answer: Alpha does offer a paintable shutter that is ready for you to apply a high-quality oil-based exterior plastic paint with the color of your choice. If you purchase a non-paintable shutter in one of our many color options, you are still able to paint your shutter. In order to do so you must first prime the shutter with an exterior plastic high-quality primer and then paint the shutter following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Question: Are your shutters actual or nominal sizes?

Answer: Our standard shutters (12” and 14-1/2” wide) are molded shutters that are nominal sizes. Due to the product being plastic it does shrink during the cooling process. Custom shutters are made to order and will be the exact size requested.

Question: What do I use to install my shutters?

Answer: Shutters will include 2 hardware options; plastic spikes or metal screws with color-matching caps.

Question: Are the shutters hollow?

Answer: Yes, the shutters are hollow.

Question: On the open louver shutter are the slats open or closed off?

Answer: The bank of louvers are open.

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