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Alpha Systems is a leading distributor of a full line of insulation products to the RV, manufactured housing, mobile modular and van conversion industries. Johns Manville insulation is formaldehyde-free and offers peak energy efficiency. Alpha Systems has the insulation product to meet your specific needs. Insulation is available in unfaced, FSK, foil and kraft backed options. We offer a wide range of standard R-values (R7, R11, R13, R19, R30 and R38) in numerous sizes. Alpha also carries a radiant barrier, which has superior reflective properties to provide significant energy cost savings.

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JM's Formaldhyde-free thermal and acoustical insulation is made of long, resilient glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin. A wide range of thermal resistance R-values is available to provide thermal control for both vertical and horizontal applications. JM insulation is available unfaced or with a variety of facings, including kraft or foil vapor retarder.

Alpha Reflective Radiant Barrier is a double-sided aluminum film with a woven polyethylene core. The polyethylene center acts as a thermal-break eliminating condensation from passing, while the reflective exterior shields the living space from radiant heat. In the RV industry, Radiant Barrier is primarily used in the roof, floor, sidewalls and front/end caps.

Alpha's Insulation features & benefits include:
• Formaldehyde-free!
• Thermal Resistance!
• Sound Control!
• Fire Resistant And Noncombustible!
• Resistant To Rot And Mildew!
• Noncorrosive And Will Not Deteriorate!
• Superior Performance!

Specs & Availability


JM Insulation

Product Code R-Value Type Dimensions
BM396UF R19 Unfaced 23" x 93'
BM662KR R19 Kraft 15" x 39'2"
BM4035UF R19 Unfaced 15" x 39'2"
BM596UF R11 Unfaced 96" x 75'
BM595UF R11 Unfaced 90" x 75'
BM52408UF R11 Unfaced 72" x 100'
BM234KR R11 Kraft 23" x 70'6"
BM435UF R7 Unfaced 90" x 75'
BM592UF R7 Double Layer Unfaced 96" x 60'
BM591UF R7 Double Layer Unfaced 90" x 60'
BM590UF R7 Double Layer Unfaced 84" x 60'
BM2422UF R7 Unfaced 24" x 96"
BM4040UF R7 Unfaced 15" x 60'

Radiant Barrier

Product Code Description Dimensions
BMRB96500 Perferated Reflective Radiant Barrier 8' x 500'
BMRB72500 Perferated Reflective Radiant Barrier 6' x 500'
BMRB48500 Perferated Reflective Radiant Barrier 4' x 500'
BMRB483000 Perferated Reflective Radiant Barrier 4' x 3000'
BMRB723000 Perferated Reflective Radiant Barrier 6' x 3000'
BMRB963000 Perferated Reflective Radiant Barrier 8' x 3000'


Production Flame Spread Smoke Developed Vapor Retarder (PERMS) Water Vapor Sorption
Kraft Faced N/R N/R 1 N/A
Foil Faced <75 <150 0.05 N/A
Unfaced <25 <50 N/A <5%
Property Typical Value Unit Of Measure Test Method
Basic Weight 28 lbs/MSF TAPPI - 410
WVTR 35 g/m²/24 hours ASTEM E-96
Caliper 0.006 Inches TAPPI - 411
Mullen 90 Psi TAPPI - 807
Reflectivity 0.96 Σ ASTM C1371-04a
Emissivity 0.04 Σ ASTM C1371-04a


Installation & Resources

Technical Data


Question: Is the Johns Manville insulation formaldehyde free?

Answer: All of JM’s tested and approved binder alternatives contain no added formaldehyde and do not emit formaldehyde.

Question: What is the minimum purchase quantity?

Answer: One bundle is a minimum purchase. Bundle sizes vary depending on the product.

Question: Is a drop trailer program available?

Answer: Depending on volume and size variations purchased a drop trailer program is available. Please contact an Alpha Systems sales representative for more information.

Question: What is the Johns Manville insulation made from?

Answer: JM insulation is made of long resilient glass fibers bonded with a thermosetting resin. It will not rot, mildew or deteriorate and is non-corrosive to pipes, wiring and metal studs.

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