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Tuff-Ply Flooring is a technologically advanced TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) flooring membrane. It is designed for use in today's recreational vehicles, cargo trailers, toy haulers and ramp doors. Marine TPO flooring is also available for the boating industry. Tuff-Ply is UV resistant and will not rot or retain odors. The membrane is cool to the touch to keep skin protected even in extreme temperatures. Alpha Systems offers a variety of flooring options to enhance any project.

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Tuff-Ply Flooring is available in three surface textures: levant, diamond plate, and nickel plate. The spun polyester (fleece) backing enables Tuff-Ply Flooring to be easily bonded to a variety of porous wood surfaces. This flooring provides outstanding durability and unmatched traction, even when wet! The nickel and diamond plate patterns are available in 2 color selections, while the levant flooring is available in 8 existing color options with custom colors for projects available upon request. Alpha also manufactures the adhesive, which is quality tested by our in-house lab to provide a complete flooring package.

Alpha's Tuff-Ply Flooring membrane features & benefits include:
• Three Surface Textures for Unmatched Traction!
• Outstanding Durability!
• Multiple Thicknesses!
• Several Width Options
• Numerous Color Options!
• Cool to the Touch!
• Easy Maintenance!

Specs & Availability


Pattern Widths Lengths Thickness Colors
Diamond Plate 8.0', 8.5' 150' .050 Gray, Charcoal
Nickel Plate 4.08', 8.0', 8.16', 8.5' 165' .050 Gray, Charcoal
Levant 7.88', 8.5' 120' .050, .090, .100 Gray, Black, Beige, Sand, Taupe, Light Gray, Mesh Gray


Installation & Resources

Technical Data


Question: What is Tuff-Ply Flooring made of?

Answer: Alpha Systems’ Tuff-Ply Flooring is a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) flooring membrane with a spun polyester (fleece) backing.

Question: What adhesive does Tuff-Ply flooring require?

Answer: Alpha Systems only recommends Alpha supplied water base adhesives, 3080 or 3011 TPO adhesive, in the installation of Tuff-Ply Flooring. The adhesive is sold in one gallon pails, five gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, or 316 gallon totes.

Question: How does one install Tuff-Ply Flooring?

Answer: Apply Alpha Systems’ adhesive to the porous substrate with a brush, roller, or trowel. Your surface should be free of dirt, oil, or other contaminants. Apply a coat of adhesive to the surface (16-20 mils) then mate with the Tuff-Ply Flooring membrane. The adhesive open time is 5-10 minutes. Use a 70 lb. linoleum roller (or equivalent) to apply pressure so that the adhesive can properly penetrate into the fleece. It is always a good idea to roll the membrane in both directions to eliminate all air pockets. Immediately following the rolling process, mechanically fasten the perimeter of the Tuff-Ply Flooring.

Question: What types of different Tuff-Ply Flooring profiles are available to purchase?

Answer: Alpha Systems currently has three different, but distinct flooring patterns to choose from. Tuff-Ply levant has an orange-peel textures and is popular in the marine industry. Tuff-Ply diamond plate has a raised profile made to resemble a crisscross diamond plate metal, very popular in cargo trailers. Tuff-Ply nickel plate resembles continuous side-by-side circles, the size of a nickel.

Question: What size and thickness is Tuff-Ply Flooring?

Answer: Alpha Systems is a manufacturer that can customize to meet our customers’ needs. Standard roll packaging is 102” width with two thicknesses: .050” and .100”.

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