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Fender Skirts

Alpha Systems' tandem fender skirts are produced from a strong, durable polypropylene plastic to ensure years of maintenance-free use. These are the only fender skirts in the industry that are injection molded, making them the highest-quality fender skirt on the market today. All of Alpha's fender skirts are 11" x 69", featuring a built-in UV protectant to prevent fading and discoloration.

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With more than a dozen colors to choose from, these fender skirts can be easily adapted to fit your RV color scheme. The design adds to the visual appeal of your RV. The functionality will protect your RV from the damage of road debris and improve fuel efficiency by reducing drag. Each skirt contains an oval in the center, providing the perfect spot to add a company logo if desired. The injection mold process yields a fender skirt that will not crack like the typical ABS thermoformed fender; providing a long-lasting, reliable product.

Alpha's RV Fender Skirts features & benefits include:
• Many Color Options!
• High-Impact Polypropylene Plastic to Avoid Cracking!
• Excellent UV Protection to Resist Fading!
• Light Weight!
• Injection Molded to Provide Consistent Quality!
• Space Available to Insert your Company Logo!

*Custom Colors Available Upon Request

Specs & Availability


Height Width Colors
11" 69" Black, Metallic Brown, Pewter, Tan, Taupe, Copper, Dark Copper, Gold, Gray, White
  • Black
  • White
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Metallic Brown
  • Pewter
  • Tan
  • Taupe


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Technical Data

Tech Data:


Question: What size fender skirt is available from Alpha Systems?

Answer: Alpha manufacturers a 12x69 fender skirt.

Question: Will the fenderskirts crack after exposure to the elements?

Answer: Alpha fenderskirts are made from polypropylene and will not crack. They are very durable and act as a rubberized plastic.

Question: How are the fenderskirts attached?

Answer: The fenderskirts are mechanically fastened.

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