Our Story

Welcome to Alpha Systems, LLC

Alpha Systems, LLC was formed in 1984 to manufacture and distribute construction products and accessories for the RV, marine and manufactured housing industries. The product line consisted primarily of sealants until 1987, when Alpha and Uniroyal Elastomerics Company pioneered the development of EPDM rubber roofing for manufactured housing and RV applications. As Alpha Systems became the leader in that fast-growing market, it not only sold rubber roofing, but also developed and manufactured all the sealants and adhesives needed to provide a total rubber roofing system. Alpha remains the leader in rubber roofing systems, today.

In the early 1990’s, Alpha added in-house thermoforming capabilities. In 2008, Alpha increased its capacity by acquiring one of its competitors. Today, an assortment of ovens enables Alpha to produce a wide range of components- from very small prototype parts to large, one-piece front and rear RV caps. Alpha is a leader in the forming of TPO sheet for RV and cargo trailer applications.

1994 saw yet another expansion with Alpha’s introduction of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing and flooring membranes. TPO, a performance-proven OEM product, provides superior resistance to UV light. This makes it a highly practical and durable solution for numerous RV, marine and household applications.

In November 1997, Alpha acquired an injection mold company to further expand its line of plastic products. This acquisition enabled Alpha to offer high-end injection molded products including automotive and electronics industry components. Today, Alpha’s injection molded shutters and accessories can be admired on houses all across the country.

In 2003, Alpha’s product development department formulated a hot melt adhesive that is now widely used in commercial roofing applications by the industry’s biggest names. They then developed a complete line of complimentary adhesives and sealants designed specifically for the roofing industry.

Alpha expanded its plastics production capabilities again in 2009 with the addition of a blow molding press. The addition of this equipment allows Alpha to produce parts weighing up to 30 pounds. Alpha’s initial push is in the RV industry, with a full offering of water and waste tanks, as well as storage bins. With its thermoforming, injection mold and blow mold capabilities, Alpha has a solution for all of your plastics needs.

Look to Alpha Systems, LLC to bolster your competitive edge through product quality and innovation. Our mission is to continually develop products and systems that help you build the products that today’s markets demand.